Access to 7000+ SVG Cut Files for One Year

Yearly Commercial Access | $60

  • Unlimited access to 7000+ cut files for 1 year

  • Unlimited physical commercial use

  • 10% OFF on renewal

  • New designs added daily

  • Expires in one (1) year

Bundles and fonts are not included in Yearly Commercial License.

Note: This is a commercial license only. You will not receive a downloadable file. Download the file/s from here.

$499.00 $60.00

Why Do I Need Yearly Access

Craft Shop

If you craft personalized items for a living & are too busy to create designs yourself

Small Business

If you are a small business owner, Etsy Seller, or have your own crafting business


If you take crafting very seriously and go through a ton of files everyday

What You Can Do With Yearly License

  • You can use the designs for unlimited commercial physical use for one year.
  • The files can be used in part or in whole.
  • The design elements can be modified, re-sized, subtracted and added.
  • Unlimited prints, unlimited commercial use.
  • Allowed to use in any commercial or business-related activities.
  • The designs can be printed on t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, etc and sold.
  • The designs can be used for personal use after Yearly Access expires.

What You Cannot Do With Yearly Access

  • The files cannot be used digitally.
  • The files cannot be shared, sub-licensed, copied, resold, and distributed in its original format in any way.
  • The files cannot be uploaded on file sharing platforms.
  • The files cannot be used on Print-on-Demand websites (eg RedBubble, Zazzle, Merch Amazon etc)
  • The files cannot be used in a logo, trademark, corporate identity, or brand.
  • The files cannot be used for commercial use after the Yearly Access’ expiry.


  • Single Commercial License LoveSVG

    Single Commercial License

    $5.00 $2.00 Sale!
  • Lifetime Commercial Access

    Lifetime Commercial License

    $14,000.00 $129.00 Sale!
  • Yearly Commercial License

    $499.00 $60.00 Sale!
  • For The Love Of Fall Bundle

    $110.00 $6.00 Sale!
  • The Falloween Bundle | Halloween and Fall SVG Cut Files

    The Falloween Bundle

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  • The Jingle Bell Bundle

    $376.00 $11.00 Sale!
  • The Mandala SVG Bundle Vol. 1

    The Mandala SVG Bundle Vol. 1

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  • 4th Of July SVG Bundle LoveSVG-01

    The 4th of July SVG Bundle

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  • Huge Exclusive Craft Bundle LoveSVG

    Relaunched: The Huge Exclusive Craft Bundle

    $2,000.00 $19.00 Sale!
  • Free SVG Bundle Vol.2 LoveSVG

    FREE SVG Bundle Vol. 2 | Commercial License

    $140.00 $0.00 Sale!
  • The Magnificent May Bundle LoveSVG

    Relaunching The Magnificent May Bundle

    $2,200.00 $24.00 Sale!
  • Fontabulous Font Collection

    $430.00 $15.00 Sale!
  • Scripture SVG Bundle

    Scripture SVG Bundle | 150+ Bible Verse SVG Cut Files

    $332.00 $9.00 Sale!