Do not forget to add the File Name of the design you are purchasing the license for in the additional information box.

Choose from 8500+ design | Never Expires

Print-on-Demand Single License | $11

  • Upload designs to POD websites

  • Generate unlimited sales

  • Never expires. No renewal required.

  • Modify designs or upload as it is

  • 100% profit on your sales


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How can I purchase a POD Single License?

Add as many POD Single Licenses as you want in your cart. Do not forget to add the File Name of the design you are purchasing the license for in the additional information box. 

Do I need to renew this license?

POD Single License does not expire! It is valid for a lifetime.

Do bundles and fonts also come with a POD License?

Bundles and fonts are not included in POD Single License. Both of these products come with a regular physical commercial license.

Will I receive a downloadable file?

This is a commercial license only. You will not receive a downloadable file. Download the file/s from here.

Can I upload this design to a POD website where the customers are allowed to add or subtract text to it?

No. Your customers or any customer of that POD website is allowed to do that. The only person who is allowed to customize the designs before uploading to the POD website is the Licensee (the person who purchased the license).

What does a POD License allow me to do?

With a POD License, you can upload LoveSVG designs on POD websites (i.e. Zazzle, Merch by Amazon, RedBubble, Society6 etc) to sell.

What formats do I upload my designs in to POD websites?

Only PNG or JPEG. You cannot upload SVG, DXF, AI, EPS, PSD or any other editable format.

Am I allowed to sell the designs in digital formats?

No. You are not allowed to sell the designs in digital formats or any editable formats.

Can I edit the designs before I upload them to POD websites?

Absolutely! You can use certain elements of one design or use it as a whole.

Can I use LoveSVG designs to create pre-made End Products to sell on a print-on-demand service?

Yes. You may do that after purchasing a POD License. However, You are allowed to upload the designs to any services which allow your customers any control over the design. For example, they must not be able to move/rotate design elements, add or edit text, or personally customize the design.

Who Needs A POD Single License

POD Sellers

If you have a shop on POD websites like RedBubble, Society6, Merch by Amazon etc.

Small Business

If you are looking to start your own POD business and need a huge number of designs to work with


If you are a designer on a print-on-demand website and you need a lot of designs for your store

What You Cannot Do With POD Single License

  • You can use the designs for unlimited print-on-demand for a lifetime
  • The files can be used in part or in whole.
  • The design elements can be re-sized, subtracted and added.
  • Generate unlimited sales from on POD websites
  • Allowed to use in any commercial or business-related activities.
  • The designs can be printed on t-shirts, mugs, tumblers, etc and sold on POD websites.
  • You can ship/distribute the valid physical product worldwide

What You Cannot Do With POD Single License

  • The files cannot be used digitally.
  • The files cannot be shared, sub-licensed, copied, resold, and distributed in its original format in any way.
  • The files cannot be uploaded on file sharing platforms.
  • The files cannot be used in a logo, trademark, corporate identity, or brand.
  • The files cannot beembed in any software or tool that allows users to edit or download the file.
  • The files cannot be upload on other POD websites in any editable format;


  • Single Commercial License

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  • Lifetime Commercial License

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  • Yearly Commercial License

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  • POD Single License | Print-on-Demand License

  • POD Monthly License | Print-on-Demand License

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