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What is POD and what can I do with it?

POD means Print on Demand. Print on Demand is when you sell your own custom designs on various different types of products. Print on demand products include t-shirts, hoodies, books, and many other items. With a POD License, you can upload LoveSVG designs on POD websites (i.e. Zazzle, Merch by Amazon, RedBubble, Society6 etc) to sell.

Can I edit the designs before uploading them to POD websites?

Absolutely! You can use certain elements of one design or use it as a whole.

Am I allowed to sell the designs in digital formats?

No. You are not allowed to sell the designs in digital formats or any editable formats.

What formats do I upload my designs in to POD websites?

Only PNG or JPEG. You cannot upload SVG, DXF, AI, EPS, PSD or any other editable format.

Can I use a POD License as a regular Commercial License?

No. You are now allowed to use a POD License as a regular Commercial License.

What type of products am I allowed to sell on POD websites?

All kinds of physical products! Anything from mugs to tshirts, tumblers to tea towels.

Do bundles and fonts also come with a POD License?

Bundles and fonts are not included in any POD License. Both of these products come with a regular physical commercial license.

Why are there TWO POD Licenses?

POD Monthly License allows you to ‘test’ a design on POD websites for one month. If it doesn’t make a lot of sales for you, you don’t need to renew. If it turns out to be a hit design – you can purchase a POD Single License for it.

Where am I not allowed to upload the designs?

The files cannot beembed in any software or tool that allows users to edit or download the file. The files cannot be uploaded on file sharing platforms.

Can I redistribute or resell the digital files on Etsy or any other website?

The files cannot be shared, sub-licensed, copied, resold, and distributed in its original format in any way. That is strictly prohibited.

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  • POD Monthly License | Print-on-Demand License

  • POD Single License | Print-on-Demand License

  • Yearly Commercial License

    $499.00 $60.00 Sale!
  • Lifetime Commercial License

    $16,000.00 $129.00 Sale!
  • Single Commercial License

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