Q. How do I download the bundles?

Go to Downloads. Click on the download button beside the bundle you want to download.

Q. How do I unzip SVG files/bundles?

When you download one file, it will come in .zip format. You will have to unzip it. In the unzipped file, you will find four formats – SVG, DXF, PNG, and EPS.

PC: Right-click on the zip file and click “Unzip” or “Extract” (depending on your computer)
MAC: Simply double-click on the zip file and it will unzip.
iPhone: Download app ‘iZip’ from App Store. Unzip the file using the app. Import it into software app.
Android: Select the file and click on ‘Extract.’ Import to software app and use.

Q. How does your Single Commercial License work?

Our Single Commercial License is for one SVG cut file.
In order to purchase the commercial license for your files you must follow the next steps:
Select the files you need for commercial purpose. 1 SVG file = 1 Single Commercial License
Go to the Licensing page and select Single Commercial License
Depending on how many products you want to purchase, include how many licenses you want and click Add to Cart.
Don’t forget to include the name of the files in the Additional Information section in the checkout phase. The invoice should reflect which files you’re allowed to use for commercial purposes
Keep the invoice in print or digital format. This will represent your commercial license.

Q. I cannot find/open SVG file after downloading.

Our files come in four formats. DXF, SVG, PNG & EPS. You will find these formats in the zip file you download. At times, the SVG file has browser (Chrome or Internet Explorer) icon. You need to upload that in your software.

Q. Can I use these files/bundles in an iPad?

Yes, sure you can. In order to unzip your files, I’d recommend downloading WinZip from the app store. It’s way easier to use and you can extract the files from the zip. Once extracted, you can open your cutting machine software and import the SVG file you want to use in your new project.

Q. How does your licensing work?

Our licensing has three types:

Single Commercial License $2
Commercial license for one cut file
Unlimited physical products
Unlimited commercial usage
Never expires

Yearly Commercial License $60
Unlimited access to 6000+ cut files for 1 year (all the files on our website)
Unlimited physical commercial use
New designs added daily
Expires in one (1) year

Lifetime Commercial License $129
Unlimited access to 6000+ cut files (all the files on your website)
Unlimited physical commercial use
New designs added daily
Never expires

None of our licensing packages come with bundles or fonts. 

Q. I cannot log into my account.

If it says the account does not exist or invalid email. Try registering again. If it says that the account already exists when you re-register, try changing the password and re-logging in.

Q. I’m receiving all the emails but I cannot log in to my account.

You may be subscribed to the newsletter and may no have an account. You can try to register and see what happens 🙂

Q. Will I get a commercial license copy in my email when I purchase your commercial license?

You won’t receive any commercial license in your email, all you need as a proof you can use your product for commercial purposes is the invoice. Just make sure you include the file name (mandatory) and the SKU (if possible) in the Details section in the checkout phase so that we know for which product you got the commercial license. If you already purchased it and forgot to include the file name, please send us the invoice number along with the file names and we’ll do this for you.

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